Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fred Astaire Dance Studio Orchestra - Merengues and Mambos (1959)

This is another of the records I bought when I began ballroom dancing. I know I bought it because it was the Fred Astaire Dance Studio Orchestra, and the first studio I danced at was a Fred Astaire Dance Studio here in Dallas! Unfortunately, there aren't any more Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Dallas - they all closed (although I think there are some in the Houston area). Anyway, I especially liked the latin dances, and mambo is my very favorite. I bought this at my favorite place (Half-Price Books), and the free dance instruction booklet was long gone. Oh, well. Anyway, if you like to mambo or merengue, then you need this album!

Track listing for Fred Astaire Dance Studio Orchestra - Merengues and Mambos:

Side 1:
1. The Ingenue Mambo
2. Timbales Mambo
3. El Guapo
4. The Panther Mambo
5. Top Hat Mambo
6. Mambo Loco

Side 2:
1. Merengue Merengue
2. Haitian Merengue
3. Pineapple Merengue
4. Hop Skip Merengue
5. Sliding Merengue
6. Si Si Merengue


Anonymous said...

Loves me some Lemon Merengues pie & fried Mambos!


vo5vo said...

I also tried ballroom but it was about 12 years ago, before tosays dancing with the stars craze.
I am sure I will like your album.
By the way it was fun.