Sunday, June 14, 2009

Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra - The King Plays Some Aces (1958)

This is one of the early additions to my record collection. Before 1987, the records I bought were the rock, soft rock, and pop that was popular at the time. Sure, I had grown up listening to my mom's big band and easy listening records, but I certainly didn't buy that kind of music. Until 1987, that is. In 1987, I accidentally discovered a local radio station that played "big bands and great singers". At first, I was angry that someone had messed with my radio at work, but as I heard the songs, I realized how cool it was. Then I entered a radio contest and won some free ballroom dance lessons. The world of music just opened up to me and I started working on my current record collection. (Needless to say, my mother was very happy that I now liked "real" music - like the kind she liked.) So, my early purchases were mostly big band or the kind of music that we danced to at the dance studio. The latin dances became my forte, so I started buying a lot of records of latin dance music. Of course, I had to buy some Xavier Cugat records! Again, before this the only thing I knew about Xavier Cugat was that Charo was married to him, because she would often comment about him, and that he was much older than she was. Oh, and something about him carrying around a little Chihuahua dog. When I finally bought one of his records (at HPB, of course!), it was this one, and I was hooked. I do love me some Cugat!

Track listing for Xavier Cugat - The King Plays Some Aces:

Side 1:
1. Oye Negra
2. Danse des Mirlitons
3. Carioca
4. Night Must Fall
5. Linda Mujer
6. Cuban Mambo

Side 2:
1. Green Eyes
2. Chiu Chiu
3. Danse Arabe
4. Baia
5. Mambo No. 5
6. Adios


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