Sunday, October 04, 2009

Carl Stevens - "Skin" and Bones (1958)

This is another gem I rescued from the HPB bargain bin. And, once again, it was the cover that caught my eye. I'd never heard of Carl Stevens, but when I listened to the album, I really liked it! I did find a little information on Carl on Space Age Pop - seems his name was really Chuck Sagle.

Track listing for Carl Stevens - "Skin" and Bones:

Side 1:
1. Love for Sale
2. Walkin' Shoes
3. How Long Has This Been Going On
4. Long Ago and Far Away
5. Fascinating Rhythm

Side 2:
1. The Moon Was Yellow
2. It Had to Be You
3. Winter Dreams
4. Soon
5. Imagination
6. All of You

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doug said...

This is a fantastic post, I had the original LP new many years ago and really like hearing it again, your choices get better all the time. Thank you.