Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Brothers Four - Song Book (1961)

I hope you like folk music and great harmonies, because that's what this album is about. It is great! I first heard the Brothers Four on my local AM radio station, KAAM, and they soon became a favorite. As a kid, I never really listened to folk music since my mother never played it. I think she thought it was the kind of music that "those long-haired hippies" listened to (remember, my mother was from the big-band and crooners era). And even as I grew older, I didn't listen to it because I was more into the rock and disco of the 70s and the punk and new wave of the 80s (yes, I was a punker - who knew?). So it wasn't until I started listening to KAAM that I really became exposed to folk music and found that I liked it. So when I came across this album in the HPB bargain bin, I had to buy it. It's really a cool album because the inside has a song book! It has the lyrics for each song plus easy-to-play guitar chords, which I plan to learn if I ever find time to practice my guitar again! And even more cool - the inside is autographed by the Brothers Four!!! This album used to belong to a guy named Dave, so it says "To Dave" right above their signatures. Pretty cool, huh?

Track listing for The Brothers Four - Song Book:

Side 1:
1. Rock Island Line
2. Goodnight, Irene
3. The Tavern Song
4. Lady Greensleeves
5. The Drillers' Song
6. Nobody Knows

Side 2:
1. Viva La Compagnie
2. Ole Smokey
3. Tarrytown
4. Come for to Carry Me Home
5. Summer Days Alone
6. Frogg No. 2


JohnEckert Entertainment said...

Great Collection here. I personally know Jim Flick of The
Brothers Four. I'm sure he'd appreciate the post.
You've done a great service to all of us, who appreciate good music!
Keep up the good work here.

Esther said...

Thanks for the kind words! I hope it is okay for me to post this. If you speak to Jim and he objects, please let me know and I'll remove it. I love the music of The Brothers Four and am trying to learn to play these songs on my guitar!


Ohme said...

I loved this album in the 60's and my sisters and I knew every song. This blog post showed up on my Squidoo lens that I just published about The Brothers Four. I am so glad that I had the Google Blog Search activated. Enjoyed!