Sunday, January 31, 2010

Edmundo Ros - Rhythms of the South (1957)

Wow! What a great album this is! But then again, I have yet to be disappointed in an album by Edmundo Ros and his orchestra. And what a great cover, too - suitable for framing! I bought this at my favorite store, Half-Price Books, and I am grateful to Ed Basden, the former owner of this record (his name is on the back cover), for unloading it at HPB so that I could enjoy it. I'm quite familiar with all the songs on this album, and if you've listened to any latin dance music from back in the day, then these will all be familiar to you, too. There's a variety of dances and the back cover lists the appropriate dance with each song - and I've included that in parentheses by each song. Even if you don't know the particular dance steps, just get up and do your own little dance to the songs. You'll have lots of fun and get a good workout, too! As the saying goes, "Dance as if no one is watching!"

Track listing for Edmundo Ros - Rhythms of the South:

Side 1:
1. Spanish Gypsy Dance (Pasodoble)
2. The Blue Danube (Valse Creole)
3. Barcarolle (Baiao)
4. La Maxixe (Marcha)
5. Capullito de Aleli (Son Rumba)
6. Siboney (Mambo)

Side 2:
1. Isle of Capri (Cha-Cha-Cha) - has a small skip
2. Colonel Bogey (Merengue)
3. Elizabeth (Samba)
4. Caminito (Tango) - has a small skip
5. Marta (Bolero)
6. Cachita (Guaracha)


groovylounge said...

The album art shows Stereo, but the the tracks are mono.

Esther said...

I double-checked and both my cover and the record label say stereo. But I rerecorded the first song and it does not look like stereo. I'm wondering if this was mislabeled or if it was one of those where they just took mono and "simulated" the stereo, as I have many records that were labeled as stereo but really were "simulated".

Thanks for visiting!

Swank Daddy said...

Mono, stereo, it's still a great Ros outing. Many thanks.

Swank Daddy

Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for reposting the George Maharis albums. You are my hero.

K.Raghunathan said...

I am hearing Edmundo Ros after the 1960s (LP record)in Calcutta. What rhythms! There are two other great instrumentals - Joe Los and his Orchestra (Dancing time for Latin’s)
and MICHAEL HILL - Bubble bath and Popsy (backside), a Parlophone EP 1962 record.
I wonder whether you can upload these titles. Almost impossible to get these old numbers where I stay - Chennai.
What a lovely collection of old music you have included in the blog! I can spend hours listening to it. Best wishes and wishing for more of same.

Esther said...

Hi, Raghunathan,

Glad you like my records! I'm sorry - I don't have either of those two records you asked for. But maybe someone else will read this and will share them!

Thanks for visiting!