Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Fantastic Strings of Felix Slatkin - Paradise Found (1960)

It's cold here in Dallas and I just don't do well in cold weather (my hats off to those of you who live in really cold climates!). So, in order to make it a little more tolerable, I chose this lovely album of Hawaiian music. Ah, if only to be relaxing on a white sandy beach in Hawaii, listening to the roar of the waves, watching the surfers and sipping on a cold drink while someone plays the ukelele nearby... sigh. See? I feel warmer already!

Well, I found this little gem sometime late last year at the little resale shop down the street. Anytime I see a cover that says "Hawaii", I have to buy the record. I don't care if it's someone I never heard of, or if it's the same songs over and over again. I just have to have it! So, this cover definitely called to me, especially the cut-out and the pages inside. Unfortunately, the inside pages had some water damage and were stuck together, and when I went to pull them apart, they tore, even though I was doing it ever so slowly and carefully. :-( But, the record itself was in excellent condition and thoroughly enjoyable! Oh, and it was recorded in Hawaii!

Track listing for The Fantastic Strings of Felix Slatkin - Paradise Found:

Side 1:
1. Moon of Manakoora
2. My Little Grass Shack
3. My Isle of Golden Dreams
4. Hawaiian Wedding Song
5. The Hukilau Song
6. To You Sweetheart, Aloha

Side 2:
1. Sweet Leilani
2. Little Brown Gal
3. Paradise Found
4. Hiilawe
5. Beyond the Reef
6. Aloha Oe


Crichton72 said...

Very nice. Thank you very much.

Juan Banzai said...

Been looking for this one for a long time. Fantastic quality rip too! Thanks so much for putting it out there.

Jack said...

Very nice, Esther. With all the snow we are getting here, near Lake Michigan (Holland area), this will help keep off the chill.

Unknown said...

Felix Slatkin really arranges Paradise Found nicely with the songs so pleasant to the ears that you float away with the tropical clouds and mist...

Ray Ruiz said...

Been looking for this for years. Thanks so much Esther. My parents and I got this album when I was barely a teen. Such great memories. Really magically transports you to Hawaii. Hilawe is my favorite.
Ray in New Orleans