Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wayne King - Our Language of Love (1965)

If you like to ballroom dance, or would like to learn how, then any album by Wayne King should be in your collection. It seems that his albums were made for just that. I remember dancing to many songs by Wayne King when I was learning how to ballroom dance. Plus, every Friday we would have a dance for all the students, and the Wayne King songs were very popular. Not only are the songs familiar and pleasant, but the rhythm is very easy to dance to for beginners. This particular album has mostly fox trots, several waltzes, and a beguine (don't know what that is - didn't learn that one). So put on your dancing shoes and dance to the music of Wayne King!

Track listing for Wayne King - Our Language of Love:

Side 1:
1. Dear Heart - Waltz
2. Among My Souvenirs - Fox Trot
3. Our Language of Love - Beguine
4. Whispering - Fox Trot
5. San Antonio Rose - Fox Trot
6. Everybody Loves Somebody - Fox Trot

Side 2:
1. Emily - Waltz
2. Margie - Fox Trot
3. Embassy Waltz - Waltz
4. People - Fox Trot
5. Twelfth Street Rag - Fox Trot
6. Lazy River - Fox Trot


ChildsPlay said...

I was at your favorite store a week ago Saturday, and I wondered if any of the people in the record section was you.

Esther said...

Hi, ChildsPlay!

You were at HPB? I haven't been in several months - need to go there and "stock up". I did just buy four albums at the little resale shop down the street from me - will be sharing one of the albums next week.

Thanks for visiting!

ChildsPlay said...

The HPB on Northwest Highway. I gave the kids $5 each to buy books.

Jack said...

Esther...thanks for Wayne. I have about 5 albums, mostly from old vinyl. I go to our local Goodswill, or mission stores, and it's hard to find anything not religious. I live near Holland, MI, and of course the old "church on every corner" affects the records given to them. But the search has paid off many times!