Thursday, July 31, 2008

Frankie Laine - Rockin' (1957)

Wow! Frankie Laine was an awesome singer, but this album of his just knocked my socks off! It is really fabulous - Frankie at his best! Plus, he recorded it with Paul Weston and his orchestra - one of my favorite bandleaders. For this collection, "Rockin' Chair" was arranged by Russ Case, and Paul Weston made the arrangements for "That's My Desire", "West End Blues" and "Give Me a Kiss". All other arrangements were made by the great Billy May. So, how could you go wrong with that? I've heard many of these songs before, and it's really hard to pick a favorite. I guess, for tonight, my favorite is "Shine" - I'm just in a "Shine" kind of mood. But this whole album is great! Listen for yourselves!

Track listing for Frankie Laine - Rockin':

Side 1:
1. By the River Ste. Marie
2. So Black and Blue
3. That's My Desire
4. Blue Turning Grey Over You
5. That Lucky Old Sun
6. Baby, That Ain't Right

Side 2:
1. Shine
2. Rockin' Chair
3. We'll Be Together Again
4. West End Blues
5. Give Me a Kiss
6. On the Sunny Side of the Street

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