Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pepe Jaramillo - Mexican Fiesta (1960)

Here's a very enjoyable record of Latin American rhythm! This is one of those records that I have no idea if it belonged to my mother, or if I bought it - I just don't remember. But, I like it. I would even call it a "lounge" or "exotica" record. One of the things I really like is that, on the back cover, it tells you what kind of dance that song is. I only know how to dance two of the dances listed (bolero and cha cha cha), but I'm willing to give the others a try. Now, this record was pretty beat up, and I ran it through the click removal several times, but there's still some clicks and pops, and several of the songs have skips (not that obvious) in them. But it really is still a nice album to listen to, and you'll find many of the songs quite familiar. If there is anyone out there who happens to have a better recording of this album, please do share it with us!

Track listing for Pepe Jaramillo - Mexican Fiesta:

Side 1:
1. Bolero: Green Eyes
2. Baion: Cachito
3. Bolero: The Breeze and I
4. Guaracha: Cachita
5. Cha Cha Cha: Amor
6. Beguine: Siboney
7. Cha Cha Cha: Sway

Side 2:
1. Bolero: South of the Border
2. Baion: El Choclo
3. Bolero: Stairway to the Sea
4. Cha Cha Cha: Torero
5. Beguine: To Be Or Not To Be
6. Son Mambo: Capullito de Aleli
7. Baion: The Man Who Plays the Mandolino


litlgrey said...

I can't help you find a better rip of this LP, but I have found through some quick Googling that there are some remarkable cover scans out there, for both the King Records 755 version and for the more widely available version on the Parlophone label (PMC 1126).

For the Parlophone, you can't beat the scans found on this eBay page:

I should tell you: I am not the eBay seller, and neither am I connected to any LP sellers at all. I'm just someone who loves finding great scans to go with great LP rips.

doug said...

Thanks again for this great post. The pops etc. are not a problem, I'm a thrift shopper with experience, most of my collection used to have these. I doesn't detract from the music. You have great taste.

Esther said...

Hi, Litlgrey!

Thanks for the tip on album scans! BTW, is that your little kitty in your picture? My little Snickerdoodle is a tortie.

Thanks again for visiting!

Esther said...

Hi, Doug,

Thanks for the great comments! Personally, I like the pops and clicks. If I didn't want them, I'd go buy a CD!

Thanks again for visiting!

litlgrey said...

That IS my soft kitty! She likes to steal beanie babies... she is soft and good to eat!

Yum Yum kitty!

titser said...

I am a teacher in profession but my hubby is music collection from LP's to CD's but one thing I have been searching the music of Pepe Jaramillo's "To be or nor to be " of which not available in the Philippines.I just greatly admired of your collection.Hoping someday I can have this album in some way.

dado said...

Thanks for this post. By chance you might have Pepe Jaramillo's MEXICANA HOLIDAY. Thank you very much.

abdul said...

ester thaks for mexican fiesta

abdul said...

Ester Thanks for posting my comments.I have tried previously but could not get through.I live in dallas and do visit half price book.I grew up listening to mexican fiesta and salud mexico.I do have good collection of latin music if it is OK with you I would like to share the music.I have salud mexico,moonlight in mexico and pepe meets manuel.Please let me know if we can make it happen.Nice to know that you enjoy similar kind of music.Thanks again for sharing the music with us.

nath said...

thrilled to know you have salud mexico.i wish i could share the music wih you.

darnall 42 said...

I'm listening to my copy of this album at the moment-I Might have a go at ripping It :)

darnall 42 said...

Is This Rip A Little Better ?

Vinyl Room said...

I'm looking for Mexican Pizza by Pepe.