Wednesday, February 18, 2009

101 Strings - Million Sellers From The Movies (1972)

Here's another 50-cent gem I picked up out of the HPB bargain bin - and it was still sealed! I must admit that it was the cover that caught my eye. Nice, er, uh...scarf - on her head. Yeah, yeah. That's it. The music itself is familiar - themes from movies from the early 1970s (although I've only heard about half of these myself), and it's played "with the Big Sound of the magnificent '101' Strings orchestra". I was a little surprised that 101 Strings could rock a little on "Superstar". The next time I watch "Jesus Christ Superstar", I'm sure that the 101 Strings version of the song will be the one that sticks in my head. Really, I do like 101 Strings. I just wish I had more of their albums! Anyone out there want to share some?

Track listing for 101 Strings - Million Sellers From The Movies:

Side 1:
1. Theme From Shaft
2. Summer Of '42
3. One Tin Soldier
4. Fiddler On The Roof
5. Samantha's Theme

Side 2:
1. Superstar
2. Theme From Sherman's Heroes
3. Ghost Riders
4. Elvira Madigan Theme
5. Prairie Trails


Oracle said...

I will be posting some 101 Strings in the future. Check em out when you have the time.

Esther said...

Hi, Oracle!

Great! I will!

BTW, I added you to my links list!

See ya!

Ron said...

Hi, something wrong with the downloadlink? Cannot find!

Thanks, Ron

Lacey said...

I have always loved 101 Strings, but as you said, they are hard to find.
Thank you for the posts.

BTW, where will you be posting Oracle??

Lacey said...

I have always loved 101 Strings, but as you said, they are hard to find.
Thank you for the posts.

Oracle said...

Awesome, Possum! Link reciprocated.

Esther said...


Try the link again. I had typed too many "w" in the link! It works now.

Thanks for visiting!

Ron said...

Hi Esther,

Thank you very much. I adore the 101 Strings.


vilstef said...

good evening, stax o' wax. :)

You asked for more 101 strings? Here's a link for a site with 18 albums. They have a huge variety of easy listening and MOR. There's Bert, Percy, a lot of Henry Mancini-the list just goes on and on. When you copy the download link, be sure and add the h to your browser. Also-you might want to make this a separate FYI post for your readers because not everyone reads the comments.