Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Jonah Jones Quartet - Swingin' At The Cinema (1958)

Here's another treasure I picked out of the HPB bargain bin for the cover. The two girls look quite, uh...perky! Well, I'd never heard of Jonah Jones, but I liked the songs listed and I liked that it was performed by his quartet. I like quartets. Don't ask me why because I don't know. I think I just like the sound of the word. Anyway, I like the album! I'd never heard these songs performed this way before - very snappy! I cleaned it up as best I could, but you'll still here some surface noise and clicks - the record didn't have a paper sleeve and is pretty scratched up, especially the second side. But it's still great to listen to, and there are no skips. Here's a little of the liner notes:
Jonah Jones - the trumpet man with the catchiest sound of all - goes rompin' on the Hollywood sound stages, swingin' the cinema's greatest songs.... In Swingin' at the Cinema, the Jonah Jones Quartet has gathered a perfect set of songs to display the rich repertoire of Hollywood film music. And with Jonah's revealing handling the melodies stand out in sharp relief, becoming new evidence of the wealth of music the films have produced. They're all brilliantly showcased by the quartet's approach and, in particular, by that jaunty man at the helm, Jonah Jones.
Track listing for The Jonah Jones Quartet - Swingin' at the Cinema:

Side 1:
1. True Love
2. Tammy
3. A Gal In Calico
4. Around The World
5. Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing
6. Colonel Bogey March

Side 2:
1. An Affair To Remember
2. Secret Love
3. Three Coins In The Fountain
4. Fascination
5. All The Way
6. Lullaby Of Broadway


Robert M. Lindsey said...

Love that cover! Something about those pants that I love.


gppressingon said...

Jonah Jones was playing in the lounge while the Rat Pack played the main stage at The Sands. You can see him billed on the marquee in the famous photo of Frank & Co. standing before the iconic sign. I have never heard Jones' music though, so thank you for posting this and so many of the other treasures I've discovered on your site. Many thanks from a fellow forager for forgotten vinyl at HPB (Omaha location). -- Gary

BigBossMan said...

I just fished a copy of this LP out of an estate sale bin, for 50 cents. I had to have it for the cover art, and for the fact that it looked like it had never been played.

I'm listening to it now..... Very Nice!!

Chris Lyddon said...

I bought my copy in a charity shop for £1 and it's the best £1 I've spent! A terrific cover! Pure 50s! Great fashion! Great pants! Great sound!