Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra - Bert Kaempfert's Greatest Hits (1966)

This is another album I've had for a number of years, ever since I was into the ballroom dancing thing. Every song on this album is great. But then again, it's Bert Kaempfert! What did you expect? It is quite delightful to listen to, and a great dance album, too! These are all instrumental fox trots, for those of you who know how to dance the fox trot or want to learn. About half the songs were written by Bert Kaempfert, and the other half are well-known arrangements of his. All trumpet solos are by Fred Moch, excepting for selection "Wonderland By Night," trumpet soloist is Charles Tabor. The album also says "Recorded in Europe". Start dancing!

Track listing for Bert Kaempfert's Greatest Hits:

Side 1:
1. Wonderland By Night
2. Afrikaan Beat
3. Red Roses For A Blue Lady
4. Spanish Eyes (Moon Over Naples)
5. L-O-V-E
6. Magic Trumpet

Side 2:
1. Danke Schoen
2. Strangers In The Night
3. Bye Bye Blues
4. That Happy Feeling
5. Wiederseh'n
6. A Swingin' Safari


Steve Carras said...

I acutally have that album!! Got it in early 2000 at an unfortauntely out of business store. On LP [NTO CD..:) Though THAT folrmat DOES have IT'S adventages, like, oh, self-replaying!]

upkerry14 said...

When I was around 12 or so my parents used to go over to a friend's house where they had parties in the basement. This record, amongst country, light pop and orchestral cheese like BK was played all night long. Booze flowed and we used to steal cigarettes from any purses lying around and go upstairs and smoke 'em. I used to dread being cornered by one of my friends' mother and forced to dance with her. Hard to believe that was 30 or more years ago. Anyhow, this album cover really hit me and I can't wait to hear it after all these years. Thanks for posting it. Bill