Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jackie Gleason - Music for Lovers Only (1953)

Here's another treasure I rescued from the HPB bargain bin. And I must apologize for the condition of this record, too. I ran it through click removal several times but there are still a lot of clicks and pops. I didn't want to run it through again for fear of sound distortion. There are also three songs (maybe four) that have skips. So, if anyone out there has a better rip of this album, please do share it!!!

This was Jackie Gleason's album debut - he selected the songs and conducted the orchestra. The wonderful Bobby Hackett is featured in the trumpet solos. Several other of these "mood music" albums followed - also featuring Bobby Hackett. There's a little box on the back of the album which says, "All the selections on side two have been added to the original album to form this newer, expanded version of 'Music for Lovers Only'". I think side two features all the songs from another album, but I don't know which one.

Track listing for Jackie Gleason - Music for Lovers Only:

Side 1:
1. Alone Together
2. My Funny Valentine
3. But Not For Me
4. Love (Your Spell is Everywhere)
5. I'm in the Mood for Love
6. Love is Here to Stay
7. I Only Have Eyes for You
8. Body and Soul

Side 2:
1. Little Girl
2. I Cover the Waterfront
3. Some Day
4. If I Had You
5. When a Woman Loves a Man
6. A Stranger in Town
7. A Moonlight Saving Time
8. My Love for Carmen


Luis said...

Here's a better copy riped from CD

Esther said...

Thanks, Luis!

mel said...

Thank you, Luis.

The copy I have is not too good either and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to download yours.

And thank you, Esther, for posting it in the first place.

A.D.L said...

Eu procuro esse disco há quase meia década!! Vc não tem noção de como me emocionou encontrá-lo hoje aqui... Tava morrendo de medo que o link tivesse quebrado rsrs Enfim, um acho! Todos os méritos do mundo a o teu blog! ^^

Esther said...

Olá!! Eu estou contente que você encontrou meu blogue! Eu espero que você o aprecia! Obrigado visitando! (Eu usei um tradutor em linha para traduzir de inglês ao português, assim que este não pode estar completamente correto.)


aroonie said...

Thanks Luis and our host. Much appreciated.