Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Percy Faith - Malaguena:Music of Cuba (1959)

Here's another of my mother's albums - one of her favorites - and today would have been her 94th birthday, so today's post is in her honor. I definitely remember hearing this one as I grew up. The album cover was in pretty bad shape - once again my mother wrote her name all across it, and the edges are all held together with masking tape - so the picture I posted is one I found on the internet. Anyway, my mother belonged to the Columbia House record club (raise your hand if you belonged to it at one time or another!) so a lot of her albums are Columbia albums. And this is a great album, as one would expect, from Percy Faith. Love the Latin rhythms of Cuban music! Enjoy!

Track listing for Percy Faith - Malaguena:Music of Cuba:

Side 1:
1. Malaguena
2. Quiereme Mucho
3. El Manisero
4. Danza Negra
5. Andalucia
6. El Bodeguero
7. Damisela Encantadora

Side 2:
1. Siboney
2. La Cumparsa
3. Tumbando Cana
4. Marta
5. Mama Inez
6. Para Vigo Me Voy
7. Tabu


zm9990 said...

Thank You Verymuch!!

doug said...

I raise my hand. Thank you so much for this fine record. At one time, I knew of only two Percy Faith albums, thanks to you and other bloggers I now know of tewnty nine. Your copies are excellant, some of those original Columbia house records are sounding a little noisy by now, but not yours. You are not just filling the world with music one note at a time, you are doing it by leaps and bounds.

coupler said...

good one

Beneficial said...

I just bought this on vinyl and it saves me the time to rip, thanks alot!

nowaycharley said...

I was 19 years old, in the USAF at March AFB in 1959, and...a member of the Columbia Record Club. I put this on my new Hi-Fi player, and loved it. Bought the CD online a year ago. Brings bittersweet memories. Got some Keely Smith stuff after she left whatshisname in 1959 also. Long time ago. I'll be 73 in September. But the music makes it seem like yesterday.