Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bobby Sherman - Bobby Sherman (1969)

I've been in a Bobby Sherman mood lately so I thought I'd post his self-titled album. To put it simply, I love him. So easy to listen to, smooth and peppy songs that you can sing along with, easy on the eyes (Bobby, that is), just fun music. Now, I didn't buy his records back in the day - I didn't become "aware" of songs on the radio, teen heart throbs, and the like until David Cassidy was the thing (my true love). Bobby was still popular, but he was "older" and didn't appeal to this 8-year-old girl as much as David did. I never watched "Here Come the Brides" (don't even remember the show), but I did watch his later TV show, "Getting Together". It wasn't until I became an adult and heard "Hey, Little Woman" on an oldies station that I really started listening to Bobby and fell in love with him. I've bought all his albums from Half-Price Books, and they're all in really great shape. (Oh, I bought the Christmas album at an antique & vintage stuff store.) Then when his autobiography came out and he did the book tour, he came to DFW and I went to see him. I even got him to sign one of my albums and my Bobby Sherman lunch box! He is such a nice man - and still a cutie! So, I hope this brings back some great memories.

Track listing for Bobby Sherman - Bobby Sherman:

Side 1:
1. Little Woman
2. Rainy Day Thought
3. Seattle
4. One Too Many Mornings
5. A Time for Us

Side 2:
1. Sounds Along the Way
2. This Guy's in Love With You
3. Love
4. Land of Make Believe
5. Bluechip
6. Time

Bobby sings "Little Woman":


whiteray said...

Thanks for the Bobby. I've been wondering where to get his version of "One Too Many Mornings." And "Seattle" is a nice find, too. Thanks again. (Nice, nice blog, by the way!)

nostalgic said...

What a memories, I remember "Here Come the Brides" by that time I was in love with Bobby and Kurt Russell. I had my bedroom walls all covered with the posters I used to get in magazines such as "sixteen" and..... (I don't remember). I had this records till one of my best friends decided to keep them and didn't returned them. I wonder where are those records now.
Thank you.

sonris said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful album

senormedia said...

I got this album as a birthday gift back when it came out. I still play it every now and then. "Time" is pretty trippy for a teen idol-type record.