Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Aaron Bell Orchestra - Music from 77 Sunset Strip (1959)

Here's a gem I picked up a couple or so months ago at my favorite supplier of old records, Half-Price Books. I already posted an album of music from the TV series "77 Sunset Strip" by Frankie Ortega and Sy Oliver, and I downloaded the one by the Warren Barker Orchestra, so I guess you could say that I really love the music from that show! I just love "crime" jazz in general - too cool! Well, the sound quality on this one isn't the best, but it's still listenable (is that a word?) and just overall fun! I was reading up on Aaron Bell and he recorded other albums along these lines ("Peter Gunn" and others), so if anyone has any to share, please do!

Track listing for Aaron Bell Orchestra - Music from 77 Sunset Strip:

Side 1:
1. 77 Sunset Strip (Vocal)
2. 77 Sunset Strip Jazz
3. 77 Sunset Strip Blues

Side 2:
1. Swingin' On the Strip
2. Stu Bailey Blues
3. Caper At the Coffee House
4. Kookie's Caper


vo5vo said...

Hi ,
A different style and much appreciated LP.

77 Sunset was on against Route 66 on a Friday night back in 1960.s.
Some kids would argue over which was better.
Route 66 is out on dvd and I find many of the episopdes unlikeable, so when I find a good one I'm glad.
I'll have to wait for 77 sunset Striptto make a comparison.
77 vs 66.. Makes me wonder.

Eric said...

This is a nice 'chamber; jazz record with the following all star personel:

Seldon Powell (flute/tenor sax), Eddie Costa (vibes), Ray Bryant (piano), Kenny Burrell (guitar), Oliver Jackson (drums) and Bell (bass)