Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Compilation Vol.4 (2010)

Happy First Day of Summer tomorrow! Summer is my very favorite season, and I am glad it has arrived! The heat doesn't bother me at all, and I like the longer days. Summer holds lots of wonderful memories for me, so, in celebration of the First Day of Summer, I offer you my annual summer songs compilation. The previous three summer compilations have contained only songs with the word "summer" in the title. Well, I'm running out of those songs, so this year I've expanded the song choices to include the words "beach", "surf", and "sun". Hope you enjoy this!

Track listing for Summer Compilation Vol.4 (2010):

1. Summertime Blues - Alan Jackson
2. Surf Beat - The Lively Ones
3. A Hot Summer Day - It's a Beautiful Day
4. Summer of '42 - 101 Strings
5. A Summer Place - Andy Williams
6. Last Summer - The Golddiggers
7. Fun in the Sun - Walter Scott
8. The Green Leaves of Summer - Frankie Laine
9. Summertime - Don Ralke
10. Surfing Drums - The Surfaris
11. Surfboard - Esquivel
12. White Sandy Beach of Hawai'i - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
13. Summer Breeze - The Brady Bunch
14. Soft as a Summer Shower - David Cassidy
15. Surfin' Craze - James Darren
16. Surfin' Senorita - Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass
17. A Summer Song - Kurt Russell
18. Your Summer Dream - The Beach Boys
19. Beautiful Girls and Sunshine - Hawaiian Islanders
20. Miami Beach Rumba - Freddy Martin & his Orchestra
21. Summer Days Alone - The Brothers Four
22. The Things We Did Last Summer - Dean Martin
23. Surf Fiesta - The Surf Mariachis
24. Beach Party Tonight - Annette Funicello
25. Hey, Mister Sun - Bobby Sherman
26. On the Beach at Waikiki - Les Adams & his Fabulous Hawaiians

If you haven't downloaded the first three volumes of my Summer compilations, click on the "summer" label to take you directly to those posts. Happy Summer!


in one ear... and out the other said...

Can I really have been visiting this blog for FOUR years? I know it's summer when your compilation shows up -- and it's always great. This year is no exception. And the addition of more "words" only enhances things. Thanks!

Esther said...

Thanks! Glad you like my blog - and my summer compilations!


HipKat said...

Hi Ester, Discovered you a couple years ago and love your compilations and shares. I was wondering all day if your summer comp would be up today and lo and behold, Here it is.... thanks so much, NOW summer has begun to me...

vo5vo said...

Thanks Esther for more fun in the shade.I look forward to your compilations. Your calling was to be a programmer for radio!

Bill said...

Thank you! I was hoping you would do one this year!

Lacey said...

Thank you for you Summer compilation.
You are beginning to be as much a summer tradition as Memorial day and July 4th parties.

Innerurban said...

still around, that's good