Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Hawaiian Islanders - Hawaii Tattoo and Other Hawaiian Favorites (1964)

Rain, rain, rain - it seems that's all we've seen in Dallas lately. To help relieve some of those rainy day blues, I decided to listen to one of my Hawaiian music albums. It always helps me feel better when I dream about living in Hawaii someday. (BTW, I'd love to hear from folks that live in the beautiful island paradise of Hawaii!)

This album has some different songs from most of my other Hawaiian music albums. Here are the liner notes:
Each song in this album is Hawaiian music as you like it... Authentic island style using the traditional combination of the ukulele, the steel guitar and native percussion. And for an extra The Hawaiian Islanders perform the hit song HAWAII TATTOO.
Track listing for Hawaiian Islanders - Hawaii Tattoo:

Side 1:
1. Hawaii Tattoo
2. Wild
3. Hawaiian Promenade
4. Hawaiian Paradise
5. Lost Love

Side 2:
1. Aloha
2. Maoris Farewell
3. White Sands and Coconuts
4. Dark Dawn
5. Beautiful Girls and Sunshine

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bob Gibson - Ski Songs Sung by Bob Gibson (1959)

Well, today my softball team won its first game! Woo hoo! But, boy, was it hot out there (our game was at 1 PM)! Although the first day of summer is still about ten days away, it's already getting somewhat unbearable (to some people - not to me) here in Dallas. So, to cool off a bit (at least in my mind), I decided to post this album of "Ski Songs Sung by Bob Gibson". Now, let me tell you - I don't ski (snow or water). I don't like cold weather or snow (I'm from the Tip of Texas, where the weather is somewhat tropical). I went on one ski trip many years ago and didn't even make it to the bunny slope because I got very nervous and frustrated in my little group ski lesson. I spent the rest of the trip sight-seeing instead. Needless to say, I won't be going on any more ski trips - unless I just get to hang out in the ski lodge and drink.

So, why did I buy this record? I liked the cover, and I just thought the idea of ski songs was funny. I mean, "ski" songs - who knew? Really, it was the cover - it's very nostalgic looking and I love the colors. (This picture of the guy with the cast inspired me to put on a fake cast for a ski-themed party that my friends, Dan and Bradley, had last year - it was a hit!) The songs are rather "folksy" - as the liner notes state: "Bob Gibson, who pleads guilty to writing and recording all of the SKI SONGS, has been a favorite of folk music buffs since he began singing professionally in 1953." I think the best way to describe this album - and how to listen to it - is to follow the suggestion of the liner notes:
All in all, this LP must delight any skier... beginner, intermediate, advanced or advanced-fireside-sitter. For enjoying it in utmost fidelity, we recommend a monaural sassaphras X2371-Y speaker in coordinate linkage with a bi-triennial mixless moraphan (model 17- B) and a hot buttered rum.

Track listing for Bob Gibson - Ski Songs Sung by Bob Gibson:

Side 1:
1. Celebrated Skier
2. In This White World
3. Super Skier
4. Highlands Lassie
5. Bend in His Knees
6. Talking Skier

Side 2:
1. Ski Patrol
2. Skiin' in the Mornin'
3. Super Skier's Last Race
4. What'll We Do
5. Skol to the Skier

UPDATE 12/14/08 - I have removed the download link for this album as it has now been released on CD. Please visit and purchase the CD there.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Fiesta Brass - Viva Tijuana!

Here's a lively record that capitalized on the "Tijuana sound" popularized by the great Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. Herb and his band are the kings of this type of music (in my opinion), and there were many who jumped on the bandwagon in the late 1960s when this music became popular - they even played the same songs that Herb did. So why did I buy this album and decide to share it with you instead of one of Herb'? The COVER, of course! Hello! About the cover - since we can't see the girl's face, it's hard to tell if she's even alive in this photo. I mean, was someone just walking along the beach and come across this poor drowning victim and decided to photograph her? Or, was she passed out from a long night of drinking and partying? Was this photo one of the rejects for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue of the day? One can only imagine...

Anyway, I never tire of the Tijuana sound, so whether it's Herb, or the Fiesta Brass, or the Marimba Band, or the Mexicali Brass, or whoever, I enjoy listening to this music. I hope you do, too!

Track listing from The Fiesta Brass - Viva Tijuana!:

Side 1:
1. Tijuana Taxi
2. Spanish Eyes
3. Whipped Cream
4. Spanish Lace
5. Theme from "Zorba the Greek"

Side 2:
1. A Taste of Honey
2. Spanish Harlem
3. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
4. Michelle
5. 1-2-3