Sunday, October 25, 2009

Let's Bacardi Party (1964)

Here's a real treasure that belonged to my mother. I don't remember her playing this one, but I love the cover (picture courtesy of the internet - my cover is very worn and scribbled over by my mother) and the fact that it's a promotion for Bacardi rum! According to the notes in the back, the album was supposed to come with "several" recipe booklets. Well, I still have one of them! I don't know what happened to the rest (I don't know how many "several" were), but they probably just got worn out and thrown away over the years. The one recipe booklet that survived is really cool - has recipes for drinks, desserts (my mom made rum balls every Christmas), and party foods. I haven't tried to make any of the recipes, but I think I might try to make the Bacardi party chili now that chillier weather is coming. Oh, and although the album itself doesn't show a date anywhere (at least, I couldn't find one), my mother wrote "1964" on the back (as she used to always date her albums), so that's the year I'm assuming this came out. All in all, it's a fun album - good artists and good songs - and definitely one to play at your next Bacardi party. Hmmm.... I'm having a hard time picturing my mother going to a liquor store and buying a bottle of rum (she probably sent my dad).

Track listing for Let's Bacardi Party:

Side 1:
1. This Could Be the Start of Something Big - Jack Jones
2. Fly Me to the Moon - Laurindo Almeida
3. Charade - Ray Anthony
4. On the Street Where You Live - Jonah Jones
5. Woodchopper's Ball - Woody Herman

Side 2:
1. The Girl from Ipanema - Four Freshmen
2. September Song - George Shearing
3. Painted, Tainted Rose - Al Martino
4. End of a Love Affair - Stan Kenton
5. Fools Rush In - Keely Smith
6. Cherry - Harry James

By popular demand, here are some scans of the one Bacardi recipe booklet that has survived the years:

The booklet cover

Some drink recipes

Some appetizer recipes

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rene Touzet and his Orchestra - Cha Cha Cha for Lovers (1957)

This is one of the albums I bought back in my ballroom dancing days. We used this one quite a bit at the dance studio because the beat of the songs was just right (not too fast) for students. So, if any of y'all are taking cha cha cha lessons, or just learning it on your own, I think you'll be happy with this album. My personal favorite is the "Ticklish Mambo" - the first time I heard it I was cracking up! I think I also have another version of it; if I find it, I'll post it. There was a lot of surface noise on this album, and I tried to clean it up as best I could, but you'll still hear some clicks, pops, and noise (sorry). If anyone has a cleaner copy, please share!

Track listing for Rene Touzet - Cha Cha Cha for Lovers:

Side 1:
1. Lover's Cha Cha Cha
2. "Moon Over Miami"
3. Mambo Inn
4. Pedazo De Mi Zida
5. Danza Negra

Side 2:
1. Besame Mucho
2. Manuel (Levantate Manuel)
3. Ticklish Mambo ("Cosquillita")
4. Desconfianza
5. Oye Lo Que Tiene El Mambo
6. "Lover's Lullaby"

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Three Suns - Warm and Tender (1962)

Here's another album I bought for the cover - how could I resist?! Of course, I also happen to like the Three Suns. I like all the songs on this record, but I think my favorite is the title tune, "Warm and Tender". But really, all the songs are great, and it's great music to listen to while you're reading, working on the computer, or just relaxing. And it's great to have playing at your weekly cocktail party, too (and be sure to display the record cover prominently). I just love the whole combination of accordion, organ, and guitar - wonderful! And the first line of the liner notes is just perfect... "Warm and tender - that's the way most men prefer their women... and their music." Doesn't that line alone make you want to buy this record?

Track listing for The Three Suns - Warm and Tender:

Side 1:
1. There Goes My Heart
2. Fly Me to the Moon
3. Unchained Melody
4. Love is Like a Violin
5. Just Say I Love Her
6. Warm and Tender

Side 2:
1. Poor Butterfly
2. Portofino Amour
3. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
4. C'est Si Bon
5. The Lamp is Low
6. A Touch of Tenderness

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Carl Stevens - "Skin" and Bones (1958)

This is another gem I rescued from the HPB bargain bin. And, once again, it was the cover that caught my eye. I'd never heard of Carl Stevens, but when I listened to the album, I really liked it! I did find a little information on Carl on Space Age Pop - seems his name was really Chuck Sagle.

Track listing for Carl Stevens - "Skin" and Bones:

Side 1:
1. Love for Sale
2. Walkin' Shoes
3. How Long Has This Been Going On
4. Long Ago and Far Away
5. Fascinating Rhythm

Side 2:
1. The Moon Was Yellow
2. It Had to Be You
3. Winter Dreams
4. Soon
5. Imagination
6. All of You