Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Girlwatchers - Music To Watch Girls By (1967)

This is my new favorite album! And I found it in my favorite place - the bargain bin at HPB! I LOVE IT! Once again, it was the album cover that caught my eye. Isn't it great?! Don't you just love the vinyl dress the girl is wearing? Sigh. I wish I had been old enough in 1967 so that I could have worn a dress like that. I would've been stylin'!

Well, this album is lots of fun. It's all instrumental, but not Percy Faith type of instrumental (I love Percy Faith, too). This is swingin' and the kind of music you might hear in one of those 1960s movies with groovy chicks and happenin' guys. You know... the kind where there's a coffee house or club and the band never sings - only plays hip instrumental dance music. A couple of the songs on this album sound like what would be played for a striptease. What can I say - I love it!

Track listing for The Girlwatchers - Music To Watch Girls By:

Side 1:
1. Music To Watch Girls By
2. Pretty Petti-Pants
3. Tight Tights
4. Funny Fun Coat
5. Transparent Dresses

Side 2:
1. Fish-Net Stockings
2. Tiny Mini-Skirt
3. Nude Lipstick
4. Paper Clothing
5. Green Eye Liner

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Percy Faith - Percy Faith Plays Romantic Music (1953)

Time for another of my several Percy Faith albums. Most of the ones I have belonged to my mother, but I picked this one up from the HPB bargain bin just the other day. And, once again, it was the album cover that first caught my eye - makes me yearn for the days of yesteryear. Sigh... Well, this is another great album by Percy Faith and his orchestra - wonderful songs, great orchestrations. If you haven't got this in your Percy Faith collection, then you need to download it right now!

Track listing for Percy Faith Plays Romantic Music:

Side 1:
1. While We're Young
2. I'll Take Romance
3. Invitation
4. The Girl That I Marry
5. Valse Huguette
6. If I Loved You

Side 2:
1. Carousel Waltz
2. Easy to Love
3. One Night of Love
4. When I'm Not Near the Girl I Love
5. Caress
6. Beautiful Love

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Diamond Head Beachcombers - Aloha from Hawaii (1959)

It's dreary and drizzly here in Dallas, and a cold front has come in. So, what better time than to post some music from that island paradise, Hawaii! Just listening to this album as I recorded it made me feel a whole lot better! Aahhhh!

I really liked the liner notes on this album, so I'll share them with you:
After Mark Twain visited the Hawaiian Islands, he described the grass shacks, the horse and sailboat travel, and the girls who would toss off their muu muus and jump into the water naked - although, Twain insists, he wasn't really looking. The American humorist's sense of Stateside propriety may have kept him from looking, but could also have been that he was kept busy listening to the haunting and exotic music of the Islands.

In the days since Mark Twain's visit the grass shacks have been replaced by modern houses, notels and motels; the horses by U-Drive cars; and the girls have become a bit more modest. The music, however, remains as magical as it ever was, creating pictures of exotic flowers, sun-drenched beaches and year-round springtime.

So, sit back and close your eyes, and let this album take you away to Hawaii...

Track listing for The Diamond Head Beachcombers - Aloha from Hawaii:

Side 1:
1. I'll See You in Hawaii
2. Beyond the Reef
3. Lovely Hula Hands
4. I Will Remember You
5. Blue Lei
6. For You a Lei

Side 2:
1. Song of the Islands (Na Lei O Hawaii)
2. Across the Sea
3. Keep Your Eyes on the Hands
4. Love Song of Kalua
5. A Song of Old Hawaii
6. To You, Sweetheart, Aloha

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chad Everett - Chad (1976)

Here's another great album by the grooviest TV doctor ever - Chad Everett! I know y'all just didn't get enough of Chad when I posted "All Strung Out", so here I am sharing the other album of his that I have. (I don't think he recorded any more albums after this one.) There's nothing like having Dr. Joe Gannon from "Medical Center" crooning some tunes on a rainy evening... sigh. His version of the Bee Gees' "Nights on Broadway" makes this album worth it! Plus, I love his leisure suit and his perfect hair!

Track listing for Chad Everett - Chad:

Side 1:
1. Leave It to Love
2. You Set My Dreams to Music
3. Satisfy Me One More Time
4. Rock Me Away
5. My Eyes Adored You

Side 2:
1. You're All I Need
2. I Got Love for You Ruby
3. At Least You Could Have Said 'Goodbye'
4. One More Time
5. Nights on Broadway

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Frank Chacksfield - Presenting Frank Chacksfield and his Orchestra (1954)

I bought this album in the late 1980s, soon after I discovered a local radio station that played big band music and old easy listening stuff. My mom really liked this album because of the "Theme from 'Limelight'" - one of her favorite instrumentals. I still have the cassette recording of this album that I made for my mom - good to have in case the record player, CD player or computer goes on the blink. It's a very pretty album - very lush and glorious sounding. Besides 'Limelight' and "Ebb Tide" (the other big hit), my favorite is "Waltzing Bugle Boy". Enjoy!

Track listing for Presenting Frank Chacksfield and his Orchestra:

Side 1:
1. Theme from "Limelight"
2. Limelight Incidental Music
3. Golden Violins
4. A Girl Called Linda
5. High Feather
6. Glorious

Side 2:
1. Ebb Tide
2. Waltzing Bugle Boy
3. Golden Tango
4. Song of Canterbury
5. Dancing Princess
6. The Pied Piper

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Harry Belafonte - Calypso (1956)

Back in June, I posted one of Harry Belafonte's early albums (not sure if it was his first), and tonight I'm posting the one that was probably his breakout album - "Calypso". This is the one that has the song "Day O" on it. It is a great album! Many of you probably already have it, and there were several copies in the HPB bargain bin (this was the best copy) when I bought it. So, it's not exactly a rare or hard-to-find album, but I wanted to share my copy with you. Hope you enjoy it!

Track listing for Harry Belafonte - Calypso (link has been deleted - go buy CD on Amazon):

Side 1:
1. Day O
2. I Do Adore Her
3. Jamaica Farewell
4. Will His Love Be Like His Rum?
5. Dolly Dawn

Side 2:
1. Star O
2. The Jack-Ass Song
3. Hosanna
4. Come Back Liza
5. Brown Skin Girl
6. Man Smart (Woman Smarter)

Here's Harry singing "Jamaica Farewell":

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Nestor Amaral and His Continentals - Holiday in Brazil (1957)

Well, the last post was some music from Mexico, so today I decided to go all the way down to South America and take you on a "Holiday in Brazil". I love the sound from Brazil - the baias, sambas, and bossa novas. And I would love to go visit Brazil some day - especially during carnaval!

This is a pretty cool album. Nestor Amaral introduced "Baia" in Walt Disney's "Three Caballeros", and "Brazil" in "The Gang's All Here". From what I read about him on the internet (and in the liner notes), he had a pretty full career. I'm sure that some of you know all about him and can educate me further on his music (I had never heard of him until I bought this record). Also from what I read, this album was originally released as an eight-song album and was simply called "Brazil". This particular version contains eleven songs, was renamed "Holiday in Brazil", and was released on one of the budget labels, Mayfair Records. The record itself is not black - it's yellow, and probably the reason I bought it. Most of it was in really good shape, as you can hear, except for several songs on Side 2 have more clicks and noise than the others, and one has a skip in it. But, it's still great music that'll get you dancing!

Track listing for Nestor Amaral - Holiday in Brazil:

Side 1:
1. Brazil
2. Pra Que Discutir
3. Currupaco
4. Porto Alegre
5. Ba Tu Ca Da
6. Tico Tico

Side 2:
1. Playtime in Brazil
2. Baia
3. Nossa Amizade
4. Belem Bayonee
5. Bamba No Samba

Here's the "Baia" number from Walt Disney's "Three Caballeros":

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tito Guizar - The Gay Ranchero (1960)

No - not that kind of gay! Although, I must admit that I bought this record for the name and cover alone! I couldn't help but laugh hysterically when I found this record in the HBP bargain bin. I mean, he does look a little flowery - don't you think?

Actually, Tito Guizar was a very well-known and well-respected Mexican singer and actor. He appeared in the movie "The Gay Ranchero" with Roy Rogers in 1948, and I'm sure that's how this album got its name. And - for those of you who may not know - the outfit he's wearing on the cover is a charro (Mexican cowboy) outfit. Charro outfits can be pretty expensive depending on how fancy they are. Back in my hometown of Brownsville, Texas, we have an annual festival called "Charro Days" full of music, dancing, parades, jalapeno-eating contests, and other festivities. Some people dress up in their charro outfits or other traditional Mexican garb - it's very colorful and lots of fun. Anyway - back to this album... Most of the songs on this album are popular Mexican and Spanish melodies of that era, but you'll recognize two of them as Spanish versions of "Fascination" and "Around the World". I've also translated the song titles to English, in case you want to know what they mean. My favorite one is "Uy Uy Uy!! Mariposa" - but I think it's because I just like saying, "Uy uy uy!"

Track listing for Tito Guizar - The Gay Ranchero (1960):

Side 1:
1. Yo No Me Caso Compadre (I Will Not Marry, Friend)
2. Te Estare Esperando (I Will Be Waiting For You)
3. Tu y Mis Refranes (You and My Proverbs - not too sure about this one)
4. Fascinacion (Fascination)
5. Yo El Aventurero (I, The Adventurer)
6. Llorare Manana (I Will Cry Tomorrow)

Side 2:
1. Agraciada Golondrina (Attractive Wanderer - not too sure about this one)
2. Uy Uy Uy!! Mariposa (Uy Uy Uy!! Butterfly)
3. La Malaguena (The Malagan)
4. La Higuera (The Fig Tree)
5. Mi Barrio Alegre (My Happy Neighborhood)
6. La Vuelta Al Mundo (Around the World)