Sunday, May 29, 2011

Billy Vaughn - 12 Golden Hits from Latin America (1965)

Sorry I haven't been regular in my posts lately - just have had a lot going on. I tell you, this having to work for a living just takes up too much of my time! :-)

I have been acquiring some new treasures for my record collection though. I got about fifteen albums the other day from my voice-over instructor, and got ten albums from the HPB bargain bin today (Memorial Day sale!). So, I'll try to get some of these digitized soon so that I can share them with you (and also include some of the songs on my podcast, The Spin-O-Rama Hour).

For today, I have Billy Vaughn bringing you twelve hits from Latin America. It's some nice easy-listening music that you can dance to or have as background music for your dinner party. Enjoy!

Track listing for Billy Vaughn - 12 Golden Hits from Latin America:

Side 1:
1. Perdoname Mi Vida
2. Noche de Ronda
3. Corazon de Melon
4. Adios, Mariquita Linda
5. Sabor a Mi
6. Contigo

Side 2:
1. Incertidumbre
2. Acercate Mas
3. Mambo Jambo
4. Quien SeraLink
5. El Dia
6. El Cumbanchero