Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Live Long and Prosper

Well, this has truly been a sad month for me. Only two weeks after losing my beautiful Sabrina, my little guy, Mr.Spock, joined her in the big kitty condo in the sky (on my birthday, no less). Spock was an 18-year-old Manx, and I'd had him since he was 2 years old, when I adopted him from the Humane Society where I volunteered at the time. He and Sabrina were best buddies for 16 years, so I knew it wouldn't be long after she died that he would be joining her, especially since he'd been ill for almost 3 years. Diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, arthritis, and dementia at the end of 2004, the vet gave him maybe 2 months to live. But, Spock was quite the little fighter and just kept bouncing back after each of his crises. In the last year, he also developed some masses which most likely developed into lymphoma, which is what eventually caused his demise.

Besides the fact that he was so cute at the Humane Society, one of the reasons I fell in love with Mr.Spock was his name - I am quite the Star Trek fan. My little guy was the sweetest of my feline family - he never got into trouble and was always the most affectionate. In his later years, he was happiest when he was lying on my lap or chest, or when he was cuddled up next to his buddy, Sabrina. As with my other two cats, Stinkerbelle and Sabrina, I have made this compilation to honor him.

Most of this compilation consists of several versions of the theme from Star Trek the Original Series and some of the movies with the original cast, since those are the ones where Spock was a main character. Two vocal versions are included - and you'll understand after you listen to the lyrics why the theme was usually played as an instrumental - but the truly scary version is the one sung by Nichelle Nichols. Still, it's a must for any Star Trek collector or collector of "interesting" songs. I've also included the more sad tunes from "The Wrath of Khan", where Spock dies. Anyway, I hope you like this compilation that I dedicate to my cat, Mr.Spock. In my heart, he will always Live Long and Prosper...

Track listing for Live Long and Prosper Compilation:

1. Star Trek Main Title - from "The Cage" soundtrack
2. Theme from Star Trek - from Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr.Spock's Music from Outer Space
3. Star Trek Theme (end title) - from "The Cage" soundtrack
4. Star Trek Theme - The Secret Agents
5. Star Trek Main Title - from Star Trek the Original Series soundtrack
6. Theme from Star Trek (vocal) - Nichelle Nichols
7. Mr.Spock - from Star Trek the Original Series soundtrack
8. Theme from Star Trek - Van McCoy
9. Star Trek End Title - from Star Trek the Original Series soundtrack
10. Theme from Star Trek - The Galactic Force Band
11. Star Trek Theme - from Star Trek the Motion Picture soundtrack
12. Theme from Star Trek (vocal) - Project:Pimento
13. Spock's Arrival - from Star Trek the Motion Picture soundtrack
14. Theme from Star Trek - Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle
15. Spock Walk - from Star Trek the Motion Picture soundtrack
16. Star Trek Theme - Todd Rundgren and Utopia
17. Spock - from Star Trek II:The Wrath of Khan soundtrack
18. Star Trek Main Theme - Cincinatti Pops Orchestra
19. Spock's Death - from Star Trek II:The Wrath of Khan soundtrack
20. Spock's Funeral - from Star Trek II:The Wrath of Khan soundtrack
21. Prologue and Main Title - from Star Trek III:The Search for Spock
22. Star Trek TV Theme - with narration by William Shatner
23. Live Long and Prosper - Star Trek TV Quote by Mr.Spock

Sunday, August 19, 2007

For a Friend

Hey, everybody! Sorry for not posting anything in over a month but things have been pretty hectic what with working lots of overtime, working on community organizations, and dealing with my pets. I'm happy to announce that I have a new kitten that I found and rescued in July - she's an adorable little tortoiseshell which I named Snickerdoodle! She's about three months old and is a mischievous bundle of energy!

On another note, I lost my beautiful 17-year-old cat, Sabrina, on August 7. I had her since she was only four months old and she was the first member of my feline family, so her passing has been especially hard on me. She was the picture of health until a little over a month ago when she suddenly stopped eating and declined rapidly after that. Sabrina was always the queen of my household and acted that way - always held herself regally and had quite an attitude (she was half Siamese, so that explains a lot about her personality). She was my wonderful companion and best friend for a very long time, and I will miss her very much. Just as I dedicated a compilation to my cat, Stinkerbelle, who died last year at age 12, I compiled these songs which I dedicate to Sabrina, my dear and best friend...

Track listing for For a Friend:

1. Thank You for Being a Friend - Andrew Gold
2. My One True Friend - Bette Midler
3. For a Friend - The Bugaloos
4. Best Friend (Theme from "The Courtship of Eddie's Father") - Harry Nilsson
5. You've Got a Friend - Carole King
6. You've Got a Friend in Me - Randy Newman & Lyle Lovett
7. Old Friends - Ray Price, Roger Miller, & Willie Nelson
8. True Friend - Hannah Montana
9. My Best Friend - Weezer
10. The Friendship Theme - Instrumental from "Beaches" Soundtrack
11. That's What Friends Are For - Dionne Warwick & Friends
12. Anytime You Need a Friend - Mariah Carey
13. Friends (Theme from "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters") - Johnny Whitaker
14. Old Friends/Bookends - Simon & Garfunkel
15. I Will Be Your Friend - Amy Grant
16. You're My Best Friend - Queen
17. Friends Are Friends Forever - Michael W. Smith
18. Goodbye My Friend - Linda Ronstadt