Sunday, March 15, 2009

All Star Shindig (1959)

Well, I was really excited about posting this record (which I rescued from the bargain bin at HPB), but it turned out to be in bad shape. I was able to listen to it and record it, but there are still a lot of clicks and pops even after running it through the click-and-pop removal several times. Finally, I stopped running it through the click removal thing because I didn't want the sound to be degraded too much. The first two songs also have some skips. Even with the clicks, pops, and skips, I decided to go ahead and post it with the hope that someone else out there might have a better copy of this album and be inspired to post it. I've also never heard any of these songs by these singers, so I'm hoping that I'm at least contributing some hard-to-find stuff. If anyone out there has better versions of any of these songs (by these singers), please share! I also liked the liner notes so I'll share some of them with you...
Shindig! Hullaballo! Shivaree! Bandstand! Hollywood A Go Go! Where The Action Is! Yeah Yeah Yeah! A wave of youthful exuberance is sweeping the country, and youngsters and oldsters alike are catching the bug.
The formula is to put together today's top tunes, the great pop artists, mix them together with some dancing and lots of action-- and you come up with a hit.
Our All Star Shindig is a do-it-yourself kit. You can throw your own discotheque party at home and all you need is this record, a bunch of friends, and cut loose!

Track listing for All Star Shindig:

Side 1:
1. This Is Real - Four Seasons
2. Dream Age - Bobby Rydell
3. I Can't Give You Anything But Love - Jo Ann Campbell
4. Little People - John Gary
5. River Of Silver - John Gary

Side 2:
1. You're The One - Johnny Rivers
2. Slang Book - Bobby Rydell
3. Comme Si Bella - Four Seasons
4. Give Me Five Minutes More - Jo Ann Campbell
5. How Can My Heart Forget You - John Gary


Oracle said...

"Tina Delgado is alive, Alive?" The real Don Steele used to say that before his show in LA. Same era same format. No one ever found out who Tina Delgado was. Don took it to his grave. :O

Antoni said...

I can offer you some titles from the Four Seasons (in fact Frankie Vally & The Romans), Bobby Rydell and Johnny Rivers.