Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lawrence Welk and His Champagne Music - Say It With Music (1956)

Today's album is one of my mom's. As I've mentioned before, I have my mom to thank for my love and appreciation of music - especially the type I post here. My family was big on Lawrence Welk, too. We would watch it every Saturday evening (the only other choice was "Hee Haw" - yuck). They show old episodes on various PBS stations, but I'd really like it if the show went to DVD. I'd certainly buy it! Well, my mom got this album in February 1957 - she wrote that across the back (I don't know why she had a habit of doing that). It's an album of medleys, all except the last one are fox trot medleys; the last one is a waltz medley. So, if you know how to fox trot or waltz - or you need to practice - just download this album!

Track listing for Lawrence Welk - Say It With Music:

Side 1:
1. Say It With Music; Tea For Two; Thou Swell
2. I Found A Million Dollar Baby (In A Five And Ten Cent Store); Pretty Baby; Yes Sir, That's My Baby
3. Rain; Singin' In The Rain; Rain On The Roof
4. Oh, Lady Be Good; Somebody Loves Me; 'S Wonderful
5. Sleepy Time Gal; My Blue Heaven; Doodle Doo Doo - Featuring Lawrence Welk on Accordion
6. The Gypsy In My Soul; Exactly Like You; Anything Goes

Side 2:
1. Was That The Human Thing To Do; Cecilia; I Don't Believe It's True
2. (I'm In Heaven When I See You Smile) Diane; Marcheta; Charmaine
3. Yearning (Just For You); 3rd Man Theme; Please
4. Blue Skies; Beyond The Blue Horizon; The Blue Room
5. Wabash Blues; September Song; Mood Indigo
6. Sympathy; L'Amour Toujours L'Amour (Love Everlasting); Giannina Mia


mel said...

Actually, your mom was very wise. In those days, recording or publishing dates were rarely stated in the liner notes and now I often have great difficulty in ascertaining this info when acquiring on obscure old LP.

Zarville said...

Excellent choice!

doug said...

Thank you for the Lawrence Welk post, I have been a fan for years. Living in Los Angeles many years ago, I was able to attend a few tapings of the shows. This post is "Wunnerful, wunnerful"!

vilstef said...

I've been buying old vinyl for a while, gearing up to start my own sharity blog. I can't say I'm a huge Welk fan, but I watched the Welk show about every Saturday with my Mother thru my high school years. I've found quite a bit of Lawrence Welk and the Musical Family at thrift shops and when I get the blog going, there will probably be a Welk feature now and then. I have albums on Coral, Dot, Mercury Wing and Ranwood. Lawrence and Company put out lots of product for the fans.