Saturday, March 28, 2009

Check Out My New Weekly Podcast and Blog!

Hey, everyone!

I've been working on a new project lately. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a radio DJ and play records for others. Well, I ended up going in another direction as to career choice, but that has always remained in the back of my mind. Thank goodness for the Internet and the opportunities that keep popping up. I kept hearing about these "podcasts" but didn't really know what they were (I don't have an iPod, just a cheap $20 USB/MP3 player). Then I ran into a couple of blogs that only listed playlists and mentioned a "podcast". So, recently I decided to find out what this "podcast" thing was all about (okay, so I tend to lag behind in certain things). I've been working on my first podcast and I will launch it tomorrow (Sunday, March 29) at 5 PM CST. It will be a weekly podcast and I'll be playing the kind of music that I've been posting here on Stax O' Wax. Please remember that this is my first effort at podcasting and I am by no means a professional! It will be a lot of trial and error until I figure out all the tricks (there was no tutorial on the web site where my podcasts will be), and I have a huge learning curve! If any of you out there have experience with podcasts and can offer me some tips and guidance, I will be glad to hear from you!

So, beginning Sunday, March 29, tune in to my podcast, The Spin-O-Rama Hour. It will be a weekly podcast every Sunday at 5 PM, CST. I will have two sites - the site here on Blogger, where I will post the playlist for that particular "episode", and the site on PodOmatic, which will have the actual podcast.

For the podcast playlist, go to:

For the actual podcast, go to:

Don't worry - Stax O' Wax is NOT going away! I will continue to post albums from my collection here on Stax O' Wax. The Spin-O-Rama Hour is just a new, additional project. Thanks to all of you for tuning in!


Sila Lumenn said...

Awesome idea, Esther! I'll be tuning in for sure. (I'll have to figure out how to listen, so we'll learn about this newfangled technology together.)

~ Sandy

Esther said...

Hi, Sandy!

There will be a play button that you can just click on and it will open up a new window. It will look like a youtube video (only I don't have any video, just a picture), and you can listen to it on your computer. There's also some buttons that you can click to download it to your iPod or whatever. I'm not sure how that works, since I don't have an iPod. I just listen to the podcasts on my computer for now.

mel said...

I wish you lots of success!

Alexandra said...

I just found this blog, and I would like to suscribe on it, to keep visiting the blog.

I would like to tune, I just need to know at what time. I'm in Spain.