Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hooray for Hollywood (1972)

I found this album a month or two ago at an estate sale. I don't think it was played much because it still had the cellophane on the cover (but it was open), and the condition is pretty much near mint. I probably wouldn't have bought it except that Joan Crawford is one of the stars on this album. (Joan Crawford is my movie idol.) Overall, it's a fun album to have, especially if you're a classic movie fan such as I. I had heard all the stars on this album sing in various movies except for Fred MacMurray, and he didn't sound at all like I thought he would.

This album was released as part of RCA's "Vintage Series" in 1972. The inside of the album cover has a write-up on each of the songs and the star who performs it, but it's way too much to include here, so here are the liner notes that are on the back of the album:
The Vintage Series is a living history of jazz, folk, blues and popular music and of the legendary musicians and personalities who created it. Each album contains original, untampered-with recordings from the vaults of RCA Records - the true sounds of the greatest artists of their day. To the collector, the Vintage Series is an invaluable addition to a record library. And to any young person newly exploring America's musical legacy, it will be a welcome introduction to the roots of today's music.

Track listing for Hooray for Hollywood:

Side 1:
1. I Used to Be Color Blind - Ginger Rogers
2. Ich Bin die Fesche Lola (I Am the Glamorous Lola) - Marlene Dietrich
3. Alone - Allan Jones
4. I Never Knew Heaven Could Speak - Joan Crawford
5. Got a Bran' New Suit - Eleanor Powell
6. All I Want Is Just One - Fred MacMurray
7. Paradise - Dorothy Lamour
8. When April Sings - Deanna Durbin

Side 2:
1. Something's Gotta Give - Fred Astaire
2. I'm Gonna File My Claim - Marilyn Monroe
3. Mary's a Grand Old Name - James Cagney
4. It's Oh So Quiet! - Betty Hutton
5. That Certain Feeling - Bob Hope
6. The Saga of Jenny - Ann Southern
7. Stardust - Harpo Marx
8. I Couldn't Be More In Love - Mickey Rooney


mel said...

Wow, what a tremendous find!!

Thanks so much for sharing.

vo5vo said...

Hi Esther,
Watch out for singin and swing in. he is under attack.
I tried to download his Mel Torme album and his sharebe download whacked my computer good. Virus and the hard drive and memory crashed.
I had it fixed but it cost me.
So be warned you all. Vince

mel said...

Hi Vince,

I didn't experience any virus.
E-mail me - mel468 at g mail for the MT album. I converted the format to 320 and can re-up.

webanarchist said...

I like the philosophy and the variety of your blog, esther.
feel free to visit my blog, we can share links, if you want. cheers.

Landrew120880 said...

Excellent album and highly rec'mended. ThanQ for the blast from the past!

Landrew120880 said...

Excellent post! ThanxQ again.