Sunday, March 29, 2009

Billo's Caracas Boys - Baile de Carnaval (1959)

Here's yet another treasure from the HPB bargain bin, and I really like it! I really like the Latin sounds from South America, and this record is by an orchestra that was apparently pretty big in Venezuela. The songs are all up tempo and great for dancing (the particular dance is in italics next to the song in the track list below). I was doing my versions of the dances while recording this album, but it freaked out my cats so I had to stop - everyone's a critic. So, put on your dancing shoes and take a trip to Caracas, Venezuela with this album!

Track listing for Billo's Caracas Boys - Baile de Carnaval:

Side 1:
1. Palo de Cana Brava - Guaracha
2. Sabrosito - Merecumbe'
3. Por un Dedo - Guaracha
4. Caracas - Pasodoble
5. Chipi-Chipi - chipi-chipi
6. Apagame la Vela - Merengue

Side 2:
1. Plena Espanola - Plena
2. Rosa - Merecumbe'
3. Florecita - Samba merengue
4. La Rigola - Merengue
5. Campanera - Pasodoble
6. Rio Manzanares - Merengue


baikinange said...

I LOVE this band, and this album was really enjoyable. Thanks for posting it!

Latin Jazz Brussels said...

Great Band!! Please note this band was also very popular in Colombia, especially during la Feria de Cali in the 70s...Thanks for posting!

Bobbo Labite said...

A very good latin sound. One of the most popular venezuelian band for latin american people.
Muchas Gracias, seƱorita !

OBHS_DNA said...

I have discovered this band on other music blogs and I agree with you that they are very good...and that they recorded ALOT of LPs and CDs. You might also google for Los Melodicos, another Venezuelan orch which was very popular and which made almost as many recordings as Billo's Boys.