Sunday, May 03, 2009

Annette - Muscle Beach Party (1963)

Here is the second of the two albums I have by Annette Funicello. I bought this one some years ago at one of those record conventions (I miss the one that used to come to Dallas). Of course, I love this cover! If you didn't already know, the body builder on the right (in the blue briefs) is Peter Lupus, who was one of the stars of the TV show "Mission: Impossible". This album has some fun songs by Annette from the "Muscle Beach Party" movie, plus some from "Merlin Jones". I hope you enjoy this! (BTW, does anyone have "Danceannette" or "Italiannette" that they would like to share?)

Track listing for Annette - Muscle Beach Party:

Side 1:
1. Muscle Beach Party
2. A Girl Needs A Boy
3. Surfer's Holiday
4. I Dream About Frankie
5. Muscle Bustle
6. Merlin Jones

Side 2:
1. Custom City
2. Draggin' U.S.A.
3. Rebel Rider
4. Waikiki
5. Shutdown Again
6. The Scrambled Egghead


Brackattack said...

I have Dance Annette & Italianette...
here is dance Anette

Here Is Italianette

casamaravilla said...

Still enjoying your site. I've just put up a link to those Annette albums you're looking for:

At least I think what I have as "Dance Annette" is "Danceannette." Sorry, tehy're only in 128, but at least they're completely tagged.



Daniel García said...

Hi, Esther!
Great work, do not doubt it! I am Daniel, from

I'm looking forward to the Richard Harris albums:
The Richard Harris Love Album (1972)
Slides (1972)
I, in the Membership of My Days (1974)

Any chance?


Esther said...

Hi, Brackattack and Charles!

Thanks for sharing your Annette albums! You have made me very happy! :-)

Hi, Daniel,
I'm sorry. I don't have any of those Richard Harris albums. The only one I have is "A Tramp Shining", which I posted on this blog. Go to the 2006 archives and you will find it!


Daniel García said...

Hi, Esther,
don't worry for that. Let me send you a link for THE PROPHET (1974), by Richard Harris.
You can listen to it just for curiosity, it is quite interesting!

Music2MyEars said...

Howdy from the Lone Star state,
Wow, thanks so much for the truly fun Annette albums! Thank you too BrackAttack. Fluffy music like this always puts a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing!!
Kenny in Texas

m c said...

this is wonderful, but what about the Beach Party movie soundtrack? i've been looking for that for so long, i would really appreciate a link to that if you or anyone reading this has it, Thanks!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this album!
I prepared a video stream from an old vhs tape here:

ahoi BSS!

Popp Radio said...

Would anyone care to re-up the albums Dance Annette & Italianette? Much appreciated. willing to share Hawanette if anyone is interested.

Popp Radio said...

Anyone care to re-up Dance Annette & Italianette? I'd love to have them.