Sunday, May 10, 2009

Irving Fields Trio - More Bagels and Bongos (1960)

This is yet another album I rescued from the HPB bargain bin - and it was the title that caught my eye. I will buy just about any album that has the word "bongos" in the title - I love bongos! And this was just such an odd title that I couldn't resist. I love the music, too! According to the liner notes, there was a prior album titled "Bagels and Bongos" (anyone have it to share?) and these are Yiddish songs to a Latin beat. What a great idea! I read on the Internet that Irving Fields also recorded "Bikinis and Bongos" and "Pizzas and Bongos" - if anyone has these, please do share!

Track listing for Irving Fields Trio - More Bagels and Bongos:

Side 1:
1. Mama's Mambo
2. I'll Always Be Yours
3. Hora Merengue
4. Say You Love Me, One More Time
5. Wedding Merengue
6. What Used To Be, Used To Be

Side 2:
1. I Want To Play
2. Spark Of Jewish Pride
3. The Green Cousin-Merengue
4. Papirossen
5. My Hometown Girl
6. Bublitchki


jewelyard said...

This is a great album from 1960. And, now available - for the first time - on CD. My record label Roman Midnight Music has worked with 94 year old Irving to remaster & give a new look to this old chestnut. And, it's the beginning of many reissues. Next up - Bikini & Bongos.

Esther said...

Hi, jewelyard!

Thanks so much for the info! I look forward to all the reissues!


PYITE said...

thank you so much this is awesome.
what would you recommend on your blog if
I dig this kind of rythms/melodies?
keep it up :)