Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cheryl Ladd - Dance Forever (1979)

Here's one I've had for quite awhile. A couple of years ago I posted Cheryl Ladd's first album, so here's the other album of hers that I have. Cheryl Ladd, of course, was "Kris Munroe" on the TV show "Charlie's Angels", and later became a fixture on the Lifetime channel TV movies. I only recently found out that her daughter, Jordan Ladd, attended SMU here in Dallas some years back. I wish I had known at the time. Maybe I could've caught a glimpse of Cheryl at the Galleria or something. Oh, well. Anyway, about the album... if you're a Cheryl Ladd fan or like celebrity vocals, you should like this one. I think I liked the first one better though, although she looks awfully cute on this cover! Oh, and one of the songs from this album was in my first podcast episode!

Track listing for Cheryl Ladd - Dance Forever:

Side 1:
1. Dance Forever
2. Better Days
3. Still Awake
4. On The Run
5. Teach Me Tonight

Side 2:
1. You're The Only One I Ever Needed
2. Thunder In The Distance
3. Missing You
4. Whatever Would I Do Without You
5. Rock And Roll Slave

Here's a clip from Cheryl Ladd's 1979 TV special:


NBSS74 said...

i just found your blog and got a ton of cool stuff. just wanted to say thank you. you are awesome!

KL from Brooklyn, NY said...

I'm new to your blog and have just spent days going through your albums. Thank you very much. I go through the used LP bins also for similar things (including the budget label LPs), and you've come up with some that I haven't seen here in NYC. Thanks again.

vo5vo said...

Hi Esther,
Nice going on Cheryl LP.
I liked her video alot too.
E-Mail me sometimes and tell me how I can save youtube stuff. Thanks Vince

Baggy Gator said...

When I click on your "Charlie's Angels" link, it only shows Cheryl Ladd.

Please fix. Thanks.

Esther said...

Hi, Baggy Gator,

There is nothing to fix. The "Charlie's Angels" label is just a reference to the show in the Cheryl Ladd posts. Just like the "Kojak" label is just a reference to the show in the Telly Savalas post.

Thanks for visiting!

Dennis said...

Thanks for this. I have had her first album for several years and had given up looking for this one.

Keep up the good work.

Logan said...

Haven't been here for ages. glad to see that you are still posting goodies. thank you :)

jim said...

have you got these cheryl ladd cds
1.take a chance
2.the best of
thank you

Esther said...

Hi, Jim,

No I don't have either "Take a Chance" or "The Best of Cheryl Ladd". If I do get them, I'll be sure to share!

Thanks for visiting!