Sunday, May 24, 2009

Johnny Whitaker - Friends (1973)

Time for another "celebrity" vocal. This time it's Johnny Whitaker, who starred as adorable Jody Davis in the television series "Family Affair", and later starred in the Sid and Marty Krofft Saturday morning show "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters". He also starred in several movies such as Disney's "Napolean and Samantha" with Jodie Foster, and the musical "Tom Sawyer".

Now, I love collecting "celebrity" record albums, and it seems that the worse they are, the better I like them. Let me just say that this is not an album I listen to very often. I may have loved it when I was eleven years old, but that was a long time ago. I have to laugh when I listen to some of these "celebrity" albums because of the way they would overdub the person's vocal two or three times with their own voice. I guess it was to make it sound "better". Just another reason why I love these albums! So, take a trip down memory lane and listen to Johnny sing songs from "Sigmund & The Sea Monsters". (BTW, his name was sometimes spelled "Johnnie".)

Track listing for Johnny Whitaker - Friends:

Side 1:
1. Friends
2. Keep It A Secret
3. A Simple Song
4. The Magician
5. Monster Rock
6. It's Up To You

Side 2:
1. Can't Get You Off My Mind
2. Running 'Round In Circles
3. Lovin' Ain't Easy
4. Sigmund & The Sea Monsters
5. Day And Night


casamaravilla said...

Since you like celebrity albums, here are a pair you might not have:

Remember The Rifleman and Mod Squad?

By tghe way, I've passed on Jackie Gleason albums a million times because I thought they'd be too schmaltzy, but since you posted one and I like a lot of your choices, I thought I'd give it a try. Glad I did. Some of those solos are gorgeous.



Bradley said...

Hey Esther,

Thanks for posting this!!!! LOVE the vocal stylings of Mr. Whitaker! I'm enjoying your Spin-O-Rama Hour as well!!!! You are "all sorts of groovy!"


VSL Poltroon said...

Nice blog.

A shameless plug:

I'm the new kid on the block compared to you, but check it out:

dj's groovy sounds.

Charlie Profit said...

I actually have the 8-Track. I recently unpacked an old 8-track player, so I pulled out the "Friends" 8-track to listen to. Wondered what Johnny has been up to, did a search and found this blog. How cool is THAT! Cheesy, I know, but I still like it. Brings back nice memories of childhood.

Yes, the 8-track still plays! Must convert to digital to preserve!