Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Brenda Lee - All The Way (1961)

I'm not sure how I got this album. Either I bought it or I inherited it from my uncle (my mom's younger brother). I'm thinking it was the latter. This just seems like the kind of music he liked. And I do like Brenda Lee - Little Miss Dynamite! And she was still a teenager when she recorded this album - wow! One of the reasons that I like Brenda Lee (besides her talent) is that her voice and her songs transport me to another time. I've mentioned before how much I love nostalgia - especially the 1950s and 60s - and this album just takes me back there. If you like Brenda Lee and don't already have this album, then you need to get it!

Track listing for Brenda Lee - All The Way:

Side 1:
1. Lover, Come Back to Me
2. All The Way
3. Dum Dum
4. On the Sunny Side of the Street
5. Talkin' 'Bout You
6. Someone to Love Me (The Prisoner's Song)

Side 2:
1. Do I Worry (Yes I Do)
2. Tragedy
3. Kansas City
4. Eventually
5. Speak to Me Pretty
6. The Big Chance

Here's a video clip of Brenda singing "Lover, Come Back to Me":