Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fred Lowery - Walking Along Kicking the Leaves... (1957)

Here's another album by a fellow Texan (in my previous post, Trini Lopez is originally from Dallas). Fred Lowery, who was born in Palestine, Texas, lost most of his vision when he was just a toddler and later became known as "the blind whistler". He even had a radio show here in Dallas. He was also the one who whistles in the theme song from "The High and the Mighty". I did not know that until I bought this album and read up on him. Turns out that this album is considered THE whistling album of all time. I have to admit that when I bought it (for the cover), I had no idea who Fred Lowery was and was curious about the "whistling with orchestra" and thought, "Here's something different." Well, I ended up really liking it! BTW, I couldn't find a date on this album, but I figure it was from the 1950s. If anyone know the release date, please let me know! (Thanks to Gary for finding a site that listed the date.)

Track listing for Fred Lowery - Walking Along Kicking the Leaves:

Side 1:
1. Walking Along (Kicking The Leaves)
2. Indian Love Call
3. Tennessee Waltz
4. Far Away Places
5. The Moon of Manakoora
6. Sunrise Serenade

Side 2:
1. Happy Hobo
2. Pagan Love Song
3. The Lonesome Road
4. Sleepy Lagoon
5. Moon Love
6. Sentimental Journey


Running with Joshua said...

I love your blog! who knew what I was missing out there in the music world!

The following site dates Fred Lowery Walkin Along Kicking at 1957.

Fred Lowery: Walking Along Kicking the Leaves...; Decca DL-8476; 1957;

iggy said...

You've done it once again; a great and rare post of some very unique music. Thanks so much. Hope you keep up the magnificent work. All the best,