Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space (1967)

Well, yesterday was the anniversary of when "Star Trek" (the original series) first aired on NBC - September 8, 1966 to be exact. In honor of that day, I am posting Leonard Nimoy's first album. I know this album has made the rounds many times before, but I decided to go ahead and share mine since I already had it digitized (it was one of the first ones I digitized, being the Star Trek fanatic that I am). You can find Leonard's four other albums on this blog, too, by clicking on one of the labels. Mr.Spock holds a special place in my heart - that was also the name of one of my dearly departed kitties (gone two years now). But I did have the pleasure of meeting Leonard Nimoy at a Star Trek convention several years ago (he signed my copy of "I Am Spock"!), and I was able to snap several photos of him. Also, back in college, we had this huge computer printout (remember the dot matrix printers?) of Mr.Spock posted on the wall of the computer science department office. I think that's what made me decide to major in computer science. It was the logical thing to do.

(BTW, the picture is one I found on the web. A lot of my album covers are in bad shape so I often use pictures I find on the web, or I just find better pictures than the ones I take with my old dinky 1.2 megapixel digital camera. Yeah, I know I need to get a new one.)

Track listing for Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr.Spock's Music from Outer Space:

Side 1:
1. Theme from "Star Trek"
2. Alien
3. Where is Love
4. Music to Watch Space Girls By
5. Beyond Antares
6. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Earth

Side 2:
1. Mission Impossible
2. Lost in the Stars
3. Where No Man Has Gone Before
4. You Are Not Alone
5. A Visit to a Sad Planet


Sila Lumenn said...

Eeee! Thank you, Esther!!! You know I'm going to love this on. All huge Nimoy fans raise your hand.

(I even have a snippet from "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" as my ringtone. :D)

Domenic Ciccone (AKA Martooni) said...

Hey Esther!

Apologize for not posting at every submittal. But let me say now and always how cool and wonderful your blog is.

Those Eydie Gorme Amor Lps. wow!

And to sense you were similarly affected by the old Star Trek series growing up.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Esther said...

Hi, Sila! Hi, Martooni!

Thanks to both of you for your kind comments!


zillagord said...

Been awhile since I left a comment. Hard to believe it's been 2 years since your Spock beamed up to the great scrathcin' post in the sky.

Hope you have been well.


Unknown said...

Hi Esther.
The picture on the lp cover was also a poster that was much bigger that the ones sold today.
I still have it. ne day I'll sell it.