Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Diamond Head Beachcombers - Aloha from Hawaii (1959)

It's dreary and drizzly here in Dallas, and a cold front has come in. So, what better time than to post some music from that island paradise, Hawaii! Just listening to this album as I recorded it made me feel a whole lot better! Aahhhh!

I really liked the liner notes on this album, so I'll share them with you:
After Mark Twain visited the Hawaiian Islands, he described the grass shacks, the horse and sailboat travel, and the girls who would toss off their muu muus and jump into the water naked - although, Twain insists, he wasn't really looking. The American humorist's sense of Stateside propriety may have kept him from looking, but could also have been that he was kept busy listening to the haunting and exotic music of the Islands.

In the days since Mark Twain's visit the grass shacks have been replaced by modern houses, notels and motels; the horses by U-Drive cars; and the girls have become a bit more modest. The music, however, remains as magical as it ever was, creating pictures of exotic flowers, sun-drenched beaches and year-round springtime.

So, sit back and close your eyes, and let this album take you away to Hawaii...

Track listing for The Diamond Head Beachcombers - Aloha from Hawaii:

Side 1:
1. I'll See You in Hawaii
2. Beyond the Reef
3. Lovely Hula Hands
4. I Will Remember You
5. Blue Lei
6. For You a Lei

Side 2:
1. Song of the Islands (Na Lei O Hawaii)
2. Across the Sea
3. Keep Your Eyes on the Hands
4. Love Song of Kalua
5. A Song of Old Hawaii
6. To You, Sweetheart, Aloha


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That jetliner needs to pull up!

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I just realized that I have this album.