Sunday, October 26, 2008

Percy Faith - Percy Faith Plays Romantic Music (1953)

Time for another of my several Percy Faith albums. Most of the ones I have belonged to my mother, but I picked this one up from the HPB bargain bin just the other day. And, once again, it was the album cover that first caught my eye - makes me yearn for the days of yesteryear. Sigh... Well, this is another great album by Percy Faith and his orchestra - wonderful songs, great orchestrations. If you haven't got this in your Percy Faith collection, then you need to download it right now!

Track listing for Percy Faith Plays Romantic Music:

Side 1:
1. While We're Young
2. I'll Take Romance
3. Invitation
4. The Girl That I Marry
5. Valse Huguette
6. If I Loved You

Side 2:
1. Carousel Waltz
2. Easy to Love
3. One Night of Love
4. When I'm Not Near the Girl I Love
5. Caress
6. Beautiful Love


doug said...

You've done it again, a fabulous post. I like all Percy Faith. Also, your digitizing is first class. You have great taste in music.

Esther said...

Hi, Doug!

Glad you liked it! I have quite a few Percy Faith albums, most of which belonged to my mother. I'll post them all eventually.

John said...

Thanks much

david said...

Please I Want The Link. Thank You

Esther said...

Hi, David,

The link is there and still works. Just click on the title.

david said...

Thank you

david said...

Excuse me, do you have ''Themes For Young Lovers'', 1963, I can't get it anywhere. Sorry for my english. Thanks a lot

Esther said...

Hi, David,

No, sorry - I don't have "Themes for Young Lovers." But if you are able to find it, please do let me know!

Armpit Studios said...

*I* wanna go on a picnic with neat sandwiches and a girl in a nice dress.

Sorry, just goin' through all your posts and finding all sorts of neat stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

Esther Dear:I´m writing from Rio,Brazil and I wish to thanks you for share Mr.Percy Faith work.Its fantastic since I remember my youth!
A little problem:The music "One nigth of lov" from album "Percy Faith plays Romantic music" have some digital hi level noise and remains unplayable in full.Please fix that.Thanks again anyway