Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tito Guizar - The Gay Ranchero (1960)

No - not that kind of gay! Although, I must admit that I bought this record for the name and cover alone! I couldn't help but laugh hysterically when I found this record in the HBP bargain bin. I mean, he does look a little flowery - don't you think?

Actually, Tito Guizar was a very well-known and well-respected Mexican singer and actor. He appeared in the movie "The Gay Ranchero" with Roy Rogers in 1948, and I'm sure that's how this album got its name. And - for those of you who may not know - the outfit he's wearing on the cover is a charro (Mexican cowboy) outfit. Charro outfits can be pretty expensive depending on how fancy they are. Back in my hometown of Brownsville, Texas, we have an annual festival called "Charro Days" full of music, dancing, parades, jalapeno-eating contests, and other festivities. Some people dress up in their charro outfits or other traditional Mexican garb - it's very colorful and lots of fun. Anyway - back to this album... Most of the songs on this album are popular Mexican and Spanish melodies of that era, but you'll recognize two of them as Spanish versions of "Fascination" and "Around the World". I've also translated the song titles to English, in case you want to know what they mean. My favorite one is "Uy Uy Uy!! Mariposa" - but I think it's because I just like saying, "Uy uy uy!"

Track listing for Tito Guizar - The Gay Ranchero (1960):

Side 1:
1. Yo No Me Caso Compadre (I Will Not Marry, Friend)
2. Te Estare Esperando (I Will Be Waiting For You)
3. Tu y Mis Refranes (You and My Proverbs - not too sure about this one)
4. Fascinacion (Fascination)
5. Yo El Aventurero (I, The Adventurer)
6. Llorare Manana (I Will Cry Tomorrow)

Side 2:
1. Agraciada Golondrina (Attractive Wanderer - not too sure about this one)
2. Uy Uy Uy!! Mariposa (Uy Uy Uy!! Butterfly)
3. La Malaguena (The Malagan)
4. La Higuera (The Fig Tree)
5. Mi Barrio Alegre (My Happy Neighborhood)
6. La Vuelta Al Mundo (Around the World)

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