Sunday, October 12, 2008

Frank Chacksfield - Presenting Frank Chacksfield and his Orchestra (1954)

I bought this album in the late 1980s, soon after I discovered a local radio station that played big band music and old easy listening stuff. My mom really liked this album because of the "Theme from 'Limelight'" - one of her favorite instrumentals. I still have the cassette recording of this album that I made for my mom - good to have in case the record player, CD player or computer goes on the blink. It's a very pretty album - very lush and glorious sounding. Besides 'Limelight' and "Ebb Tide" (the other big hit), my favorite is "Waltzing Bugle Boy". Enjoy!

Track listing for Presenting Frank Chacksfield and his Orchestra:

Side 1:
1. Theme from "Limelight"
2. Limelight Incidental Music
3. Golden Violins
4. A Girl Called Linda
5. High Feather
6. Glorious

Side 2:
1. Ebb Tide
2. Waltzing Bugle Boy
3. Golden Tango
4. Song of Canterbury
5. Dancing Princess
6. The Pied Piper

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