Sunday, October 05, 2008

Nestor Amaral and His Continentals - Holiday in Brazil (1957)

Well, the last post was some music from Mexico, so today I decided to go all the way down to South America and take you on a "Holiday in Brazil". I love the sound from Brazil - the baias, sambas, and bossa novas. And I would love to go visit Brazil some day - especially during carnaval!

This is a pretty cool album. Nestor Amaral introduced "Baia" in Walt Disney's "Three Caballeros", and "Brazil" in "The Gang's All Here". From what I read about him on the internet (and in the liner notes), he had a pretty full career. I'm sure that some of you know all about him and can educate me further on his music (I had never heard of him until I bought this record). Also from what I read, this album was originally released as an eight-song album and was simply called "Brazil". This particular version contains eleven songs, was renamed "Holiday in Brazil", and was released on one of the budget labels, Mayfair Records. The record itself is not black - it's yellow, and probably the reason I bought it. Most of it was in really good shape, as you can hear, except for several songs on Side 2 have more clicks and noise than the others, and one has a skip in it. But, it's still great music that'll get you dancing!

Track listing for Nestor Amaral - Holiday in Brazil:

Side 1:
1. Brazil
2. Pra Que Discutir
3. Currupaco
4. Porto Alegre
5. Ba Tu Ca Da
6. Tico Tico

Side 2:
1. Playtime in Brazil
2. Baia
3. Nossa Amizade
4. Belem Bayonee
5. Bamba No Samba

Here's the "Baia" number from Walt Disney's "Three Caballeros":


Scott O. said...

I can't wait to get home to check this out!

I've seen it posted throughout the web as always from 1957, but I didn't think that stereophonic records were released until 1958?

Zarville said...

It's always fun to hear yet another version of Tico tico :-)

FernandoHenrique said...

Wellcome to Brazil!
If you ever decide to come to Rio de Janeiro, contact your visitors.
And if you want somwe real brazilian sound from the 50 and 60, check?
Regards from sunny Rio.