Sunday, August 23, 2009

Roger King Mozian - Spectacular Percussion

Here's another gem I rescued from the HPB bargain bin. Two things caught my eye - the cover, and the word "percussion". I love anything percussion! There are some really great songs on this album, and lots of percussion - trap drums, conga drums, bongoes, tympani, wood blocks, cow bells, and much more. This is definitely worth a listen! (I couldn't find a year on this album, so if anyone knows, please let me know!)

Track listing for Roger King Mozian - Spectacular Percussion:

Side 1:
1. South of the Border
2. Crazy Rhythm
3. Carioca
4. I Got Rhythm
5. How High the Moon
6. Asia Minor

Side 2:
1. Repercussion
2. Tabu
3. Lullaby in Rhythm
4. Estacy
5. Bewitched
6. Percussive Blues


mplsman50 said...

Looks like 1960 on the Spectacular Percussion album.

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ROGER KING MOZIAN Spectacular Percussion (Scarce 1960 UK 12-track mono LP, with 'Factory Sample' stickered label, highlighting the pure pleasure of whacking ...

mplsman50 in minneapolis

oldkdawg said...

This was great. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for finding and posting this. Someone I will have to be on the lookout for now.

gpdlt2000 said...

It's been years since I last listened to this fabulous arranger.
Thanks for the memories!!

n3rdg1rl said...

That's my uncle. I believe that it was released in 1956.

Esther said...

Hi, n3rdg1rl!

That is so cool! Thanks for the info!


zar said...

Hey Gang, That's my brother! Who are you n3rdg1l? I know all my relatives. If he was your uncle, I'm your uncle too. I'm Zareh.

zar said...

That's my brother. Who are you n3rdg1rl? If he is your uncle, I'm your uncle too, but I don't recognize you!