Sunday, March 25, 2007

Leonard Nimoy - The Touch of Leonard Nimoy (1969)

As I said in my last post, I'll be posting several "celebrity vocal" albums for these next few posts. As I've mentioned before, I'm a major "Star Trek" fan - I've been on several Trek cruises, been to several sci-fi conventions, have a tattoo of the Starfleet command insignia (am I scaring you yet?), and have quite a collection of Star Trek memorabilia, including an arcade size STNG pinball machine. I've met quite a few of the actors from the various TV shows and movies, but my most exciting meeting was that of Leonard Nimoy - Mr. Spock (oh, one of my cats is named "Mr. Spock"). After I met him and had him autograph my copy of "I Am Spock", I felt that I had attained the Holy Grail of Star Trek-dom and could die happy.

I remember watching "Star Trek" as a little girl, and Spock was definitely my favorite character. After the show went off the air, I remember watching Leonard Nimoy on "Mission: Impossible". Then he disappeared for awhile (or rather, I just didn't see anything he was in). When I went to college, I majored in computer science (of course - nerd that I am) and the first thing I saw in our department office was a huge computer print-out of Mr. Spock. My interest in "Star Trek" was renewed, and that interest eventually grew into a major dedication to all things Star Trek.

Well, anyway, Leonard Nimoy recorded some albums back during the days of STTOS. He may not be the best, but he's certainly not the worst! I rather enjoy listening to his albums and I find his voice somewhat mellowing. He did a couple of albums that were more tongue-in-cheek, but this one is not one of those. "The Touch of Leonard Nimoy" is mellow, folksy, and a nice album to listen to while relaxing in a hammock on a warm, breezy afternoon. I hope you like it as much as I do! Oh, and for a humorous touch, I'm posting the unedited version of the "Bilbo Baggins" video below!

Track listing for Leonard Nimoy - The Touch of Leonard Nimoy:

Side 1:
1. I Search for Tomorrow
2. Maiden Wine
3. Now's the Time
4. Cycles
5. I Think It's Gonna Rain Today

Side 2:
1. I Just Can't Help Believin'
2. Nature Boy
3. Contact
4. The Man I Would Like to Be
5. A Trip to Nowhere
6. Piece of Hope

Leonard Nimoy sings "Bilbo Baggins" -


Ernie said...

This reminds me that somewhere I have one of the Nichel Nichols albums, and I need to dig it out and give it a spin... Did I spell her name right? It doesn't look right... Oh, well...

Thanks for sharing, BTW!!!

Esther said...

Hey, Vince!
I'm jealous that you just got the new DVD set of the ST movies AND that you have the animated series! I had the VHS movies and the entire STNG series, but had to sell them a few years ago when I needed money.
James Doohan was the very first ST star I met at a convention here in Dallas. Loved him! He was very nice and gracious.
Thanks again for visiting!

Esther said...

Hey, Ernie!
PLEASE post the Nichelle Nichols album! I've been looking for it for years!
Thanks for visiting!

Ernie said...

I'll have to troll through the archives and see if I can find it again. My stuff is very poorly organized, I'm afraid... :( But I'll try.

Esther said...

Thanks, Vince!

And, I have several albums by Lorne Greene, one by Dan Blocker, and I believe I have one called "Ponderosa Party Time" (not positive on that - I'll have to check)! I plan to post them, but ...too many albums, too little time! I'll get around to them eventually.
Is there any one in particular you would like for me to post?

Ernie said...

Just wanted to let you know that I hadn't forgotten about the Nichelle Nichols LP Down To Earth. I got it all ripped and scanned and ready to go. Then I discovered it's available on CD with cool bonus tracks. I can tell you I liked what I heard on the vinyl, so I'm sure the CD is well worth the investment.

Unknown said...

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Il Idioto said...

Thank you, very much.