Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Paul Petersen - Lollipops and Roses (1962)

Here's a nice nostalgic celebrity vocal album by Paul Petersen, best known as "Jeff Stone", the son on "The Donna Reed Show" from 1958-1966. Prior to this role, he was one of the Mouseketeers. Paul also starred in several movies, wrote some novels in the mid-1970s, and later formed the non-profit organization "A Minor Consideration" (take a look - it's a very interesting website). I think he was a real cutie when he was on "The Donna Reed Show" - and his singing's not too bad either! As I said, this album has a very "nostalgic" feel to it - I can just imagine going to the malt shop and sharing a soda with a special someone, or going to a sock hop - makes me wish I had been a teenager during that era. (Oh, well - the Seventies were a pretty cool time to be a teenager so I really can't complain.) Hmmm, I noticed how "Lollipops and Roses" was a pretty popular tune during that time - it's also on the George Maharis album I posted a couple of weeks ago. I do really like that song, and besides it, I think my favorite on this album is "Little Boy Sad". Oh, and what a special treat to have Shelley Fabares sing with Paul on the last song of this album!

Here are the liner notes:
In addition to being one of the most popular, young performers on TV, sixteen year-old Paul Petersen is well on his way to becoming one of the nation's top recording stars. Paul, who plays Donna Reed's son on "The Donna Reed Show" made his first record for Colpix only a few months ago. "She Can't Find Her Keys" was an immediate smash, and a sparkling new facet was added to an already impressive career. Since then, Paul has followed his initial hit with "What Did They Do Before Rock 'N' Roll?" (done as a duet with his TV sister, Shelley Fabares) and his current hit, which is the title tune of his first album. Level-headed Paul Petersen is unaffected by his disk success and still plans to become an engineer. The only seeming flaw in his plans is the disapproval, sure to be registered by his legion of fans. Included in "Lollipops and Roses" are his current and past clicks, as well as a flock of attractive old and new tunes that add up to easy listening pleasure for all record buyers.
Track listing for Paul Petersen - Lollipops and Roses:

Side 1:
1. She Can't Find Her Keys - reached #19 on the Billboard charts on 3/31/62
2. Keep Your Love Locked
3. Little Boy Sad
4. Be Everything to Anyone You Love
5. Mama, Your Little Boy Fell
6. One Girl

Side 2:
1. Lollipops and Roses
2. Love Me Tender
3. Please, Mr. Sun
4. Blue Moon
5. Penny is Seventeen
6. What Did They Do Before Rock 'N' Roll - With Guest, Shelley Fabares


Vince said...

Hi Esther,
If you have the Bonanza House Party that would be my favorite from the Bonanza Crew.
In the movie Spinout (Elvis) Carl Betz and Shelley Fabares starred with the Big E. It was a fun film.
I watched The Donna Reed show when it was originally on tv. I remember Paul Peterson came out with a song on the TV show called MY DAD.
I loved this because it was a song that told me the words I felt about my Dad at the time.
There were few things that I ever put 2 and 2 together for but when I heard this song I went to a local store (Woolworths possibly) and bought the 45 record of MY DAD. I still have it with the original dust jacket.
Another new old movie for me is now a favorite of mine is Doris Day in; My Dream is Yours.
One night when I could not sleep I watched this movie on my big screen and was astounded. I had no Idea about ner earlier films, her beauty and her magnificent voice. Eve Arden was in this movie and she was dressed as stylish as Doris. So I watched the credits and Helen Rose was the costume designer. truely wonderful colors and angels on the clothing. If only there were cloths for women today like I saw in this movie. Puts the Oscar clothes to shame.
Anyway it is availible on DVD now so I can buy it and toss out the VHS I copied from Turner Chane Movies, although I thank them.
I am waiting to see, Romance on tthe High Sea's to be repeated on TCM. I missed it 2 times.
Some of her early movies were with Jack Carson, an unlikely visual couple, I thought. But in my Dream is Yours he sure is good to her.
another gem of Doris is with Jack Lemmon called: It Happened in Maine. Great fun film. Its played on TCM but I now have the DVD.
I collected DVD's so that I can revisit these happy feelings whenever I want and one day to share them with those I care about.
Just like you share your records. Thanks for being here Esther, you always has a interesting and relevent post for me.

Vince said...

P.S. This Record swings.
The only singer today that girls could love like this is Clay Aiken I beieve.
P.P.S. I love the Bye Bye Birdie Tune.
Another Big Favorite. I was in the play at a local theather years ago. I played the Mayor. Thats a story in itself.